The uniqueness of the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program

EU citizenship for life

Bulgarian citizenship, obtained through investment via the fast-track option, remains for life time and is being passed to the applicant’s dependants. Read more.

Ultra-fast procedure

Speed matters as freedom needs don’t stand still. However, why doesn’t the Bulgarian investment citizenship program offer instant citizenship status? Read more.

Ultimate safety

Safety of anyone’s investment should be top-priority. Why settle for less with the Bulgarian fast-track citizenship program's required investment. Read more.

Simple and straightforward

The simplicity of the Bulgarian citizenship program ensures not only straightforward procedures, but also full legal conformity and compliance. Read more.

Visa-free travel worldwide

Each free-spirited person desires to have the ability to travel visa-free around the world. This is precisely what the Bulgarian passport is offering. Read more.

Unrestricted EU residency

Visa-free travel is absolutely vital for many, but for others, the right to live without any restrictions in all EU countries is of much greater importance. Read more.

What makes the Bulgarian citizenship so different?


Non-island country

Bulgaria is the only non-island country in the world to offer "Citizenship by Investment Program". Why does it make such a difference? Why holding a second passport from an onshore country is a must?

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Extremely robust economy

Bulgaria enjoys sustainable economic growth and international recognition by all major credit rating agencies. This ensures the country’s favourable exposure to all international financial markets.

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Lowest taxation in the EU

Bulgaria applies the lowest tax rates in the whole EU. Namely, all individuals, as well as companies, are taxed at 10% flat rate with many types of incomes being completely exempted of any tax.

Bulgarian gold treasure

History dating back to 5000 BC

Few are those who know which country is the oldest in Europe. Founded officially in 681 AD, Bulgaria is not only the oldest European country, but also the only one to have never changed its name.